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Peypin comes from the Provencal "Pey" which means hill, headland.
The village has many old names: Castrum de Podio Pino, Pueypin, Podium Pine, Podium Pinum, Peypin, Peypin de Marseillo and Peypin-lez-Auriol.

In the 12th century, Pierre Bremond, lord of Auriol, built the castle of Peypin.

Besides the remains of the castle, there is the monument dedicated to the Resistance fighters, the “Maquisards”, named "Lei Loups Roudaïres ", and numerous testimonies of the territory's mining past.

Do not forget to visit the ruins of the old castle, the parish church and its beautiful bell tower, not to mention at the village entrance, a beautiful oil press of yesteryear.
Go through the beautiful hiking trails doted of  superb viewpoints of rich vegetation...

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