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Yom de Saint Phalle |Exhibition

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From March 30th, 2019 in Aubagne, discover a double temporary exhibition dedicated to the works of Yom de Saint Phalle.

Born in Paris in July 1970, Guillaume de Saint Phalle, alias Yom, is- from his earliest age- interested in modeling and painting.
In 1994, he enrolls in the French Foreign Legion until 2001 and then devoted himself to art and joins his aunt Niki de Saint Phalle in California.
He stayed with her for a year, and began sculpture as a welder, then as a mosaicist, before becoming interested in composite materials.
On the death of the plastic artist, he continued his training with Raymond Hains in Paris, until 2005.

These two exhibitions are therefore an opportunity for the artist to revisit his work, paying homage to the institution of the Foreign Legion and to the people who trained him, and helped him find his artistic way.

Until June 15th, 2019 
at the Contemporary Art Center Les Pénitents Noirs:

The work of the artist will be presented in its entirety, from the method to the creation.
The exhibition features his drawings, photos, sketches, his flat work and the final result with sculptures in 3D.
The sculptor insists on the need to perceive the work in 2D before discovering the final sculpture.
His design and architecture projects will also be exhibited.

Until September 22, 2019
at the Museum of the Foreign Legion:

The works of Yom de Saint Phalle will be presented by type of material, in a sober and uncluttered course highlighting "l’évidence évidente" (the obvious evidence) of these amazing forms.
The public will contemplate the work of different materials: metal, wood, stone, fiberglass, porcelain or mosaic glass.
The exhibition illustrates, in the manner of the ancients, the regimental motto "More Majorum" of the 2e Régiment étranger de parachutistes and from the 13e Demi-brigade de Légion étrangère, in which the artist served.
It is also a tribute to his aunt Niki de Saint Phalle.

European Night of Museums

As part of the double exhibition Yom de Saint Phalle presented at the Contemporary Art Center "Les Pénitents Noirs" and the Foreign Legion Museum, the two exhibition sites will be opened until 23:00 on Saturday, May 18th, 2019, for the European Night of Museums.